Pink porcelain coffee set for six

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Unique Slav pink porcelain. This exclusive kind of porcelain has been manufactured in Slavic Europe since 1811.

Original pink porcelain is made by adding a special dye substance to porcelain mass, before the firing process and precisely mixed until it achieved pink color. Afterwards, product is glazed with transparent glaze.


This technique gives a real pink porcelain, contrary to other producents, who usually are putting pink glazing on regular white porcelain. That kind of porcelain has only pink cover – it is not pink porcelain inside.

Unique color of porcelain, beautiful shapes, delicate flower patterns and golden details – it is distinctive features of this porcelain.

All items of the tea set are in excellent condition, with no chips or cracks, some tracks of use (please see pictures).

Tea set includes (dimensions):
Tea pot 26 cm / 10.2" (diameter)
Milk bowl 11 cm / 4.3" (diameter)
Sugar bowl 12 cm / 4.7" (diameter)
6 x tea cup 6 cm / 2.4" (height)
6 x saucer 13 cm/ 5.1" (diameter)
Cake plate 25.5 cm / 10.0" (diameter)

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