Pink porcelain tea sets

No matter whether you want to start your own collection of serveware or expand the existing one, the pink porcelain pieces available in our online store are the right way to go. Here you’ll find the most amazing, one-of-a-kind, vintage and antique inspired plates and other dishes dedicated solely to serving your guests. Each item has been constructed with great care, hand-painted with intricate patterns, floral and gold decorations, as well as handcrafted with love. Check out our whole collection

Pink porcelain plates and tea sets you will fall in love with

Add different colours and textures to your table! Place an order in our online store and treat your guests to the finest serveware. We are able to provide vintage items to suit all tastes. Each set consists of different pieces, such as a teapot and cups, milk jugs, sugar bowls, causers, cake and dessert plates, which are available in a variety of styles and sizes. Check product descriptions to pick the ones which best suit your needs!

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This selection of products in a way has been compiled to challenge what you know about serveware. Pink porcelain definitely shakes up the classic formula, which ultimately turns out to be one of the key factors of its popularity. If you’re looking for some truly unique aesthetics, you’ve come to the right place — our teacups, coffee mugs, saucers, cake standers, vases, plates, and other astonishing pieces surely look the part. Classic style, combined with subtle decorations and — above all — a truly wonderful colour palette, is what makes this collection a real sight for sore eyes. Start exploring our wares and see for yourself!

Pink porcelain — cups, plates, mugs, and more!

What’s exactly on offer, when it comes to pink porcelain? This collection includes all kinds of top-quality pieces. You can easily get yourself a whole set of serveware in matching style, which is not only convenient, but also visually pleasing. The variety is definitely there — from classic teacups with saucers, cauldron mugs, and coffee pots, to less obvious choices, in the likes of different-shaped vases, cake standers and plates, or milk jugs, sugar bowls, and baskets.

In terms of pure aesthetics, you’re in for a real treat. This selection of serveware is available in many different shapes and forms, all contributing to the coherent and satisfying visual style. Although we definitely cherish the classic look, this category also includes some experimental pieces, such as our sets with openwork decorations.

As for the quality of our pieces, we take it really seriously. Original pink porcelain is made by adding a special dye substance to the mass itself, before the firing process. Then, it is precisely mixed until it achieves its unique pink colour. After the firing, the product is glazed with transparent glaze to give it its signature gloss.

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