Why bother with purchasing merely a single addition to your very own porcelain collection, when you can add a full range of pots, cups, and saucers — all at once! This section of our online store includes beautifully crafted coffee and tea sets. A grand selection of styles, exquisite attention to detail, and unique vintage flavour — just a glance through our range is enough to completely fall in love with at least a couple of our designs. Start exploring and see for yourself!

Vintage coffee and tea sets — discover our collection!

Although the whole category of vintage tea and coffee sets boast a consistent visual style, each of our designs demonstrates some unique and utterly astounding traits. Be sure to have a look at our 21-piece collections. Those consist of white cups, pots, jugs, saucers, sugar bowls, and dessert plates beautifully decorated with floral accents — a splash of colour (pink, purple, or blue) is a great compliment for the pristine whiteness of the porcelain. But that’s not all! The whole composition has been complimented by adding 24-carat gold trim and embellishments to ensure that classy and refined look.

We also recommend our selection of porcelain tea and coffee sets in other styles. Such us our vintage cobalt design that combines the white base with gold trim, a solid amount of deep blue, and some of the most beautifully painted imagery that we’ve ever seen. We also offer a range of German porcelain that stands out due to its strong colour palette, as well as some complete dinner sets by Royal Albert. If you’re keen on floral themes, then you should see the flower of the month collection. It includes twelve cups with unique designs, each of them accompanied by a matching saucer and dessert plate.

Vintage porcelain — coffee and tea sets

Discover a complete range of our tea and coffee sets! You’ll find more information on their contents, origin, and other characteristic on the respective product pages. Also, be sure to check other section of our online store, where you can find some single items to buy separately. Contact our customer service in case of any questions!

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