Vintage Tea Time: European porcelain and vintage tableware

If you're searching for some unique pieces to add to your collection, then have a look at our range. We believe that entertaining is a form of art. That’s why we are the number one online store for shopping for high-quality antique dishware. You can find here German, English and unique Slavic Pink Porcelain with other vintage inspired items. We strive to find the best porcelain, cutlery and home decor goods from our part of Europe, to deliver them to our customers with the highest shipping safety and customer service standard. Shop for both brand new and vintage pieces at Vintage Tea Time!

Antique dishes - vintage porcelain, tableware, and home decor

We carry a beautiful and diverse range of items, such as: Slavic pink porcelain, English, German tea sets and tea cups, coffee sets, coffee cups and saucers, cutlery, Italian wooden trays, home decor and display accessories. We are able to provide tableware to suit all tastes. You may be an avid collector or someone who inspires to start your own collection of antique and vintage dish- and tableware. Either way, whether you're looking for an antique wooden tray, cutlery or German and English porcelain, such as tea and coffee sets or plates, you will find a vast selection to choose from in our online store. They are handcrafted and handpainted with intricate patterns. These pieces are surprisingly durable and easy to clean, therefore, you don’t have to store them behind closed glass cabinet doors. With us, you’ll dress up your dining table for any and every meal without worrying about your dinnerware.

The products available in our store also make delightful gifts for anyone who appreciates the beauty of entertaining guests or simply likes to dine with style. You won’t find more beautiful small works of art, which will transform a simple dinner into a memorable experience. We are happy to share the same passion with other people from all over the world. Explore our whole collection, place an order and enjoy our beautiful vintage and antique dish- and tableware, as well as home goods every day!

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